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About Me & The Biz...

Welcome! I'm Monica, the proud owner of Divine Signs in Palm Bay, Florida. Divine Signs is a company I have created that offers intricate and hand made signs, backdrops and accessories for couples and families to showcase at all of their special events. I am proud to say that Divine Signs is a Christian faith business. This business is an inspiration, creation and a dedication to our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that Divine Signs exudes the love, hope and joy that God has placed in me, throughout each family's unique love story.

How did Divine Signs come about, you ask?

Well, it all began at my very own wedding...

I created unique pieces for our big day, signs of all shapes and sizes. Each sign created a unique space for our guests to stop and take in the moment. Our guests of all generations, took notice of the special details and really had the chance to capture a new memory in each space of the venue. Family and friends began to mention the details and designs of our wedding day signs, and this became the spark that led me to create Divine Signs.

These pieces left an impression on our guests then, and they continue to do the same every time Divine Signs create something new.

My goal is to provide each couple with a masterpiece they love, while bringing each family's ideas to life. Here at Divine Signs I can create many designs in your choice of size, material, design, colors and cut. I invite our clients to share their visions with us so that we can create a piece that's unique to them.

Beyond providing personalized signs, the business also offers rentable backdrops, and easels, and families can even choose other items from a varied list of customizable items that include t-shirts, bags, cups and more.

Divine Signs proudly works with you from start to finish, to create each piece that is most meaningful to you!

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